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Resolve Relationship Issues
Can you have the relationship that you really want? - yes you can!
Resolve Relationship
Have the life that you really want - yes you can!
Resolve my relationship
Learn to rebuild your relationship
Resolve Relationship Issues
Take the tension & trepidation out of Separation and Divorce.
Starting again after divorce
Starting afresh.
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Resolve your relationship issues - Relationship Coaching

Resolve relationship issues

Relationship improvement and separation/divorce support

Relationships, Separation, Divorce. Relationships of all kinds play an enormously important role in our lives.  Life partners, children, work colleagues, friends, family and acquaintances.  No single part of our lives is isolated from the others, so each impacts on the rest.  If we have happy relationships, then the other areas of our lives are also likely to be happy and fulfilled.  Time and learning put into our relationship is an investment for life and coaching is an amazingly successful way of helping to move your relationship forward.
Maybe we find it hard to meet that right person or to form relationships. Sometimes we are in relationships that can be improved or perhaps we need to move on, leading to separation and divorce and then starting afresh. Wherever you find yourself, don’t just settle for what you have if you feel and know it could be better.  If you feel you have reached the end of your relationship, coaching will help you to accept it and take steps to rebuild a successful life for yourself.
Now, imagine having someone confidential to support you, who can understand the whole picture and who will listen without judgement while you reveal your thoughts and fears.
Suppose that person was also trained to help you make positive improvements to your life.
I can do this for you.

What can you achieve through coaching?

Coaching helps you to identify the improvements that you want to make for yourself and your life.  Together, we work out how to achieve these changes and deal with anything that’s holding you back.
You’ll benefit from my comprehensive range of skills in

  • neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
  • coaching
  • and advanced hypnotherapy

 to give you the strength to change how you feel about and deal with situations.

Coaching alongside Solicitors/Lawyers

A more holistic approach is being taken within the legal services to ensure that each profession is able to do their best for you.  I work closely with your legal team to guarantee the most efficient and pain-free process for you, whether you’re experiencing

  • separation
  • cohabitation breakdown
  • mediation
  • divorce
  • or any other legal action.
Starting afresh

As a relationship comes to an end, making a better life for ourselves can seem like a huge step into the unknown.
Coaching doesn’t dwell on the past.  We identify the root of your problems, then use that knowledge to make positive changes to bring calm and control back to your life.
Let me help you work out what you want to achieve and how to make it happen.  With the right support, you can rebuild your life and look forward to a new and exciting future.

Karen Morley

Relationship Coach

Life Coaching (Diploma)
Licensed Practitioner of NLP
GQHP Registered Hypnotherapist
( GHR)
Reiki Master/Teacher

Member of The NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners

Karen is regularly asked to provide help and guidance to listeners of BBC Radio Solent

Resolution membership
Affiliate member


"Thank you so much for everything, you've literally saved my life." Sharon